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₹ 2,000₹ 2,500
Relish this rich, smooth ghee in a variety of dishes. Made in a cruelty-free manner from the milk of the Gir cow, it is as sattvic as it is pure. Spread Raj Amrut's Ghee on roti or khakhra or use it in your favourite Indian sweet recipe.
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₹ 100
Unravel the secret behind a great crunch and follow it up with a burst of flavour. Rice and wheat flour are kneaded in curd and flavoured with spicy green chillies and a sprinkling of sesame seeds to make this delicious treat.
₹ 450
Get the complete experience of Calming Patchouli, Uplifting Sandalwood, Energising Mogra and Refreshing Pine by purchasing a set of 5 Fragrance Incense Sticks in a Mega Combo Pack! Our special pack is crafted with love and care by the rural women of Gujarat, India. Using the finest quality ingredients and aromas, each Raj Saurabh Luxury Incense Stick will add the fragrance of serenity to your space. Spread the fragrance to your home and hers.
₹ 120
An all-time favourite Gujarati snack, made from whole wheat flour kneaded in 100% cow ghee. Roasted to perfection, this healthy and tasty snack can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere!
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