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From her hands to yours!

Raj Uphaar is the gift of sisterhood and empowerment for the tribal women of South Gujarat. It is a lab of innovation, it is a school of learning, it is a space of building confidence and conquering fears, it is a venue for cultivating values and it is a second home for holistic development!

It produces products only as a consequence.

Raj Uphaar is a programme of Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care, an initiative of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur to offer service and bring joy to the lives of the underserved sections of society. Its efforts are not only to make innovative line of products, but an enterprise for the spirit of evolution and independence.

Your purchase today will contribute to a woman's life tomorrow. Join us, today!

Thank You For Your Love

The snacks are delicious and their premium quality ingredients makes it a very pleasing, guilt-free experience. The best part is that each purchase supports women who otherwise have no source of livelihood.

Raj Uphaar gives underprivileged tribal women employment and the courage that they too are worthy of doing something creative. Let's support this great initiative.

I genuinely love the taste of the products! These are also great gifts to give to somebody, because you are not only gifting them delicious and nutritious food, you are also doing it for a noble cause.

The appeal for me is the ability to give back to society in very meaningful way - in way that symbolises health and togetherness!

When I visited Dharampur, I purchased these products and I was very impressed with the taste! Having seen the ingredients and how they are made, I can say that all the products were also very healthy and fresh.

Made with Love and Care

High quality ingredients, with safe & hygienic conditions

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Few indulgences nourish your heart like ours do

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