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₹ 120
An all-time favourite Gujarati snack, made from whole wheat flour kneaded in 100% cow ghee. Roasted to perfection, this healthy and tasty snack can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere!
₹ 150
Enjoy the crunch of crackers minus the carbs! Our protein khakhras are made from math and wheat flour, roasted to perfection. Relish the crispy goodness of Raj Amrut's math khakhra and blaze through your day!
₹ 100
Savour your breakfasts with our delightfully crispy khakhras. Made from wholewheat flour and roasted to perfection, Raj Amrut's khakhras are a healthy and delicious way to start the day!
₹ 130
Add a dash of 'chatpata' to your breakfast. Healthy wholewheat flour and ghee are complemented with a light dusting of jiralu. Break off a crispy piece and bite into these flaky, salty jiralu khakhra from Raj Amrut.
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