Ghee & Masalas

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₹ 2,500
Relish this rich, smooth ghee in a variety of dishes. Made in a cruelty-free manner from the milk of the Gir cow, it is as sattvic as it is pure. Spread Raj Amrut's Ghee on roti or khakhra or use it in your favourite Indian sweet recipe.
₹ 60
Relish the earthy, woody taste of roasted peanuts seasoned with toasted coconut and spicy chillies. Sprinkle Raj Amrut's peanut chutney on your breakfast khakhra or enjoy it along with idli or dosa at dinnertime.
₹ 70
Bring the unique flavours of South India to your kitchen. Roasted lentils are seasoned with toasted sesame seeds and spices to make this hearty dry chutney. Serve Raj Amrut's masala molgapudi chutney with soft idlis or crispy dosas.
₹ 250
When we think about holi, we think- the gulaal, water balloons and thandai. This year, holi might not feel the same without your local party, but we can recreate holi at home through celebratory moments!

What’s more?

  • - Easy to make by just adding milk
  • - Serves 8 glasses - 250 gms for only Rs.250
  • - Most important is you can do this while adding colour to the lives of the underprivileged women.

 So get ready to beat the heat and savour the oh-so-delicious drink by placing your orders!

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