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₹ 225
Reward the kids with two favourite snacks - chocolate and waffle - in one mouth-watering delicacy. Two crispy wafers enclose chocolate spread to make this Dutch bakery staple. Serve Raj Uphaar's Chocolate, Orange and Cinnamon with a mug of warm milk.
₹ 225
Savour the gourmet flavours of this multi-layered delicacy. Toasted almonds are embedded in sugar candy and coated with rich chocolate to make this exquisite French praline.
₹ 325
Relish this all-time favourite chocolate when you are in the mood for uncomplicated indulgence. Crunchy roasted almonds are blended with smooth chocolate and cooked lightly to make this popular, multi-textured treat. Fill a glass jar with Raj Uphaar's Almond Rocks for your own coffee table or as a sweet gift for a friend.
₹ 650
Take a mini-holiday even on the busiest of days with this flavoured delight. A delicious concoction of chocolate, berries and almonds to make these assorted dragees. Bring home festive cheer any time of the year with these Delightful Drops.
₹ 700
A box of assorted chocolates, that will bring back your childhood memories just in a bite. Raj Uphaar's Delight Bites could be the best gift to your loved ones.
₹ 550
The perfect combination of mendiants and chocolate dipped cookies.Raj Amrut's Decadent Delight would be the best post-meal treat!
₹ 550
Relish the flavours of both gooey fudge and dense cake in this beloved dessert. Baked in the form of a sheet cake and cut into squares to make this popular confection. Warm it lightly and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to bring smiles around your dining table.
₹ 525
Taste a slice of chocolate heaven with this dreamy, gooey cake. Chocolate sponge is generously coated with creamy ganache to make this sumptuous dessert. Lift up your next celebration with Raj Uphaar's Chocolate Truffle Cake.
₹ 625
Invite guests to relish smooth cheese and sweet dessert in one delectable treat. Luscious berries, chocolate and cream cheese make these layered cakes. Serve Raj Uphaar's Cheesecakes for dessert at the next party you host.
₹ 725
Reminisce the scene of wispy clouds over a fruit orchard when you bite into this melt-in-the-mouth cake. Fresh cream and sweet fruits are layered on soft vanilla sponge to make this exquisite dessert. Add a dash of delightful to your next celebration with Raj Uphaar's Fruit and Vanilla Cream Cake.
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