Valentine's Day Hampers

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₹ 1,100

Mocha Bombs (4pcs to be relished with hot milk)
Coffee Cinnamon Thins (10 pcs)
Coffee Bean Drops (80gms)
Dried Orange Slices (3 pcs)
Cookies (3 pcs)
Enjoy all products with Marshmallow Coffee Mix and Masala Peanuts 1

₹ 650

2 Heart-shaped Chocolate Mini Piñatas:
Rice Crispy Drops
Caramel Drops
(Hammer included)

₹ 1,400
1 Heart-shaped Chocolate Piñata:
Caramel Drops
(Hammer included).
₹ 1,400
A Bouquet of Gourmet Flower Cupcakes in a traditionally woven Cane Basket.
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